RoboHeart Hercules

By Makers, for Makers

This German-engineered RoboHeart Hercules board, based on ESP32 and with its Arduino compatibility, is an answer to a lot of prayers from the Maker community. Allow your creativity to flow with a single board that incorporates connectivity, control, and augmented reality into your projects. 



High performance, dual-core Espressif microcontroller with BLE and Wi-Fi connectivity.  

3 Motor Driver 

Direct power supply to the motors up to 1.5A each. 

Inertial Measurement Unit 

An in-built IMU for motion sensing and orientation management 

Dual power source 

LiPo battery jack for portability, a USB-C port for more power 


Easy to use – beginner or experienced 

RoboHeart Hercules is built for the convenience of makers of all levels. On the one hand, it comes with a package of resources that are easily accessible and show beginners everything about the basics of a microcontroller. On the other hand, RoboHeart Hercules is packed with two power sources, a motor driver, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity (woohoo!) to build more complex, interesting, and useful projects for experienced makers.   

Available resources 

If you already have Arduino IDE installed, rest assured, shifting to RoboHeart is a matter of a few seconds. To make it easy, we have made it super compatible with Arduino IDE. Here’s what we have:  

1 – RoboHeart board is available on the Arduino Board Manager 

2 – The RoboHeart Arduino Library is also available in the Library Manager 

3 – There is also an Instructables guide to help you access it easily! 

Want help with the code? Head to GitHub for the RoboHeart Arduino Library!

And if you want to create an RC Car, get the RoboHeart Controller app to navigate easily with your smartphone.    

Tech specs 

Explore the technical details of RoboHeart Hercules!

MicroprocessorTensilica Xtensa 32-bit LX6
Clock frequency240 MHz
Wireless connectivityWiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: v4.2 and Bluetooth Low Energy
MemoryFlash: 4 Mb
ROM: 448 KiB
SRAM: 520 KiB
RTC fast SRAM: 8 KiB
RTC slow SRAM: 8 KiB
Operating systemfreeRTOS with LwIP
SecurityCryptographic hardware acceleration
Flash encryption
Motor driver2 x DRV8836
External motorsUp to 3 DC brushed motors
Max current per motor1.5 A
6 axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)Accelerometer3 axes; ±2g – ±16g
Gyroscope3 axes; ±250 – ±2000 °/sec
CommunicationI2CGrove connector
SPIPinheader 2.54 mm
UARTGrove connector
JTAGSamtec 1.27 mm
GPIO22 Pinheader 2.54 mm
Sensor input pins4 Pinheader 2.54 mm
USB connectorMicro USB-CSerial communication with ESP32
Battery charging 0.3 A max
PowerUSB input5 V
1.5 A max
I/O JST-XH plug for single cell LiPo batteries3.0-4.2 V
3 A max output
Dynamic power path managementCharge modeBattery can be charged via micro USB while RoboHeart is operating
Supplement modeBattery supplies additional power if the USB input is insufficient
Portable modeRoboHeart can run on battery only
BatteryCharging5 V / 0.3 A (max)
Discharging4.2-3.0 V / 3 A (max)
DimensionsWidth61.0 mm
Length61.0 mm


Balancing Bot 

Equipped with an IMU, motor driver, power supply and cool computing skills, RoboHeart Hercules has everything a balancing bot needs. Watch how it works!  

Phone Controlled Car 

Replace your old RC car’s board with RoboHeart Hercules. Use the app to control it and play AR RC games with your smartphone! 

Gardening System 

Use RoboHeart Hercules to automate the water supply and regulate the lighting of your mini-garden to grow your plants and keep them happy! Watch a demo here.  



Get them in bulk for your store or integrate it within your existing product. Get in touch to know more!