Zombie Crasher AR

A car game like never before

Car collections are prized possessions. The matchbox-sized four-wheelers were where all our imaginations came through – we raced against friends, flew over bridges, and crushed down our enemies by riding them over. Speaking of crushing down some enemies, how would you like to finish off some zombies? 

With Zombie Crasher AR, this dream is now a reality. Using your smartphone as an AR lens, crush the evil, green zombies with your car. This is not just a game for today’s kids to enjoy, but you owe your inner child one for all the imaginary zombies you’ve crushed! 


1 – Download the app from the links below.

2 – Open the app and set up your playing field.

3 – Place your car in the blue circle.

4 – Take aim against the zombies.

5 – Flick the car and crash the zombies with your loudest war cry!


Click the buttons below to download the Zombie Crasher AR app for your mobile device.



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