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Augmented Robotics helps you advance your physical product’s business model into the digital space. Add an extra layer of augmented reality (AR) to your existing products, to enhance the user experience and gather valuable data. We upgrade products like toys and educational material, or even spaces that you’d love to keep customers engaged with, like amusement parks, museums or resorts. And all of this without the need for expensive gadgets. 

Join forces with us and we will provide you with the technology to expand your reality and revolutionize your products. The untapped potential is immense.

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Toys in Augmented Reality

A new environment to level-up your toy experience

Remote-Controlled Toys in AR

RC toys enter a new reality, enhancing the experience.

Game developer Platform: RoboGO

Create next gen AR games interacting with reality.


Use your matchbox cars to destroy zombies on your phone!

An Arduino-compatible DIY maker board for electronics enthusiasts!


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European Regional Development Fund

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund [ERDF]



Augmented reality is an experience you have to see for yourself. Book a video meeting with us so we can show you the speed and responsiveness of our technology.