Game Dev Platform RoboGo


Augmented Robotics has found a way to make the digital revolution an ally of the physical toy, as opposed to a competitor. The solution is a combination of keeping the best of the two worlds – physical toys and digital games – together.  

Whether you are a physical toy manufacturer venturing into a digital space or a game developer looking to integrate AR into the world of toys, Augmented Robotics is equipped with tools to support your mission in more than one way.  

1 – RoboGo – a digital game for your toys 

2 – AR game development toolkit 


Your toy can now also be a protagonist in a digital game. With the RoboGo platform, your users can interact with toys through virtual reality, expanding the kinds of experiences they can have with your products.  

Everyone with a smartphone and a penchant for playing AR games can purchase new toys to increase the number of ways to play the game. Besides being a platform for AR games, RoboGo is also a drop shipping distribution platform for your toys.  

An advantage for game developers

Game developers can take this opportunity to create new AR games, incorporating different types of toys with their own little world of imagination. The toy can be incorporated into the game either as a virtual object or can be included as physically and made to interact with objects in the AR world.  

Your new augmented reality game will be hosted on RoboGo. Game developers can reach usual mobile gamers and customers from the toy market. You can expand your game content by offering in-game items or custom skins for virtual toys as well as DLCs or premium content. 


An augmented-reality-supported game is not easy to develop. Since this area is still a work in progress, there are often not many tools available to support growth here. However, your development is fully supported by some tools Augmented Robotics can provide. 


Augmented Robotics provides game developers with a Unity plugin to create advanced augmented reality games for smartphones. 


Besides the possibility of creating virtual elements through the screen of a smartphone, you can include real objects or toys in your game. Your game can detect these real objects through our smart object detection algorithm and thus your virtual objects can react to the position of the toy. What’s more, you can also steer them with your phones too! 


You can access a library full of 3D replicas of real toys, including animations, that can be used for your augmented reality game. Extend your customer base and fuse your market with the big toy market. 



Augmented reality is an experience you have to see for yourself. Book a video meeting with us so we can show you the speed and responsiveness of our technology.