Enhance reality, amplify the experience

1. Your toy, our protagonist

Your toy can now be experienced in new, exciting ways by making it the protagonists of smartphone games!

2. Tailor-made games!

Your toy can be set in an environment of your choice. From collecting candies to fighting attackers, your toy will be the main focus of a virtual game. Here is a glimpse of what we mean!

3. Hello, smartphone gaming market!

You can now be a pioneer in bridging the gap between traditional toys and the smartphone gaming world. Start today!

A special shoutout to RC car makers!

Control your RC car with your smartphone now!
Augmented Robotics’ RoboHeart specializes in making your RC car smartphone-controlled, allowing it to navigate through your surroundings and the AR games created for phones simultaneously.
Curious? Take a look!


Do you have a vision of how your customers could experience your toy in the digital world?
Do you want a custom-made consumer experience for your toy?

Augmented Robotics can provide you a solution to bring your ideas to the world of augmented reality.


Augmented Reality has the capability to change how we experience everyday life. Book a meeting to learn how you can change others’ experiences with some AR magic!