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It is not every day that college students work on launching a rocket together. Two aerospace engineers of this team, Tony Nitschke and Evgeni Melan, along with a mathematician, Patrick Bethke, thought so too. And decided to take this beyond physical space – and into the virtual realm – by delving into the world of augmented reality. 

Our goal 

With digital businesses quickly taking over the physical ones, there is a need for the latter to either compete with or cooperate with the former to stay relevant. Augmented Robotics is bridging this gap, allowing physical businesses to digitalize their models without compromising their own products, values, and interactions.  

With our tailor-made AR solutions, we can find an immersive augmented reality interaction for you – whether you are a product like toys, or a space, like an adventure park! And don’t worry, these solutions are end-to-end, including conceptualization, design, technology, app creation and support, and more!  



Our home-brewed tech

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Our Patents world wide

Perfecting the art of bringing the virtual world to life, in sync with the real world, with next-gen augmented reality. 

Precisely detect real 3D objects and have virtual elements interact and react to their movements in real-time 


Precisely detect real 3D objects and have virtual elements interact and react to their movements in real-time 



Meet the team

the founders

From creating Germany’s first 3D-printed supersonic rocket to launching achievable, easy, and quality Augmented Reality, these guys make sci-fi real.

Tony Nitschke


From aerospace engineering to augmented reality, leading world-changing tech since 2013!



Electronics support for satellites or circuit boards? He’ll fix it in no time, all while optimizing the team’s workflow!



Math, AI, and software dev combo easily make him the tech torchbearer of the team!

The Team

Belief in our unity strengthens us, enhances our work, and drives us toward our goals. Our shared core values of curiosity, dedication, passion, and honesty have fostered a diverse team encompassing various cultures, genders, nationalities, and sexualities.

Today, we have created an environment that is inclusive, innovative, creatively tackles problems, and stays focused on our mission. Teamwork takes the centre stage as our members seamlessly support each other every step of the way. 
Take a look at our team in action. 


We are always looking for new talents! Check out our jobs page and get in touch with us! 


Celebrating Our Achievements


Augmented reality is an experience you have to see for yourself. Book a video meeting with us so we can show you the speed and responsiveness of our technology. 

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