Imagine your product in augmented reality, a technology that blends digital worlds with real objects and locations. We can make it happen!

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Redefine user experiences with Augmented Reality

Left Image Zombie Crasher Image

Zombie Crasher AR Learn more >

Use your smartphone as an AR lens and crush the zombies with your car. Featuring a new revolutionary game mechanic involving real toy cars.

Left Image RoboHeart

RoboHeart Hercules Learn more>

The German-engineered RoboHeart Hercules board, based on ESP32 and with its Arduino compatibility, is an answer to a lot of prayers from the Maker community.


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RoboHeart Hercules

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Zombie Crasher AR 
Play Mat

AR RC Tank


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If you can imagine it, we can build it!

Idea & concept

A fully fleshed out idea and conceptualization of how to integrate augmented reality into your product while keeping your objectives in mind and increasing its value to your customers.  

Full mobile & web app development

The realization of the agreed-upon concept with impeccable technical precision supported by our specialized development team.

Patented & precise AR technology  

An augmented reality interaction that is of high quality and available only at Augmented Robotics. It’s not just 3D objects being superimposed on the real world, it’s gamification of everything around!  

Technical maintenance & updates 

Maintaining the software, providing constant updates to give fresh interactive experiences, and keeping your customers happy!

your project = our mission

Behind this is a team of skilled technical professionals who respect your values and objectives before deep diving into technical finesse to help you gain maximum returns. 

Augmented Robotics makes innovative AR applications to digitalize any product or space, helping you take the jump into the digital business realm with only a smartphone and no additional hardware needed!

You’re in safe hands with our founders, former rocket scientists and mathematicians. Their tailor-made solutions make AR-interactions for you end-to-end, including conceptualization, design, technology, app creation and support, and more.


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Augmented reality is an experience you have to see for yourself. Book a video meeting with us so we can show you the speed and responsiveness of our technology.

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