robogo: combining markets and providing ar games for toys

Shared Customer Base:

RoboGO is a platform which provides augmented reality games that include real toys in all sorts of different ways. It combines the best of two worlds: A community that loves analog toys and digital games. Our user base grows through digital channels like social media, Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well as through every sold AR-ready toy. Offering our B2B partners new sales channels for their products.

For the toy industry:

With the RoboGO platform app, toy manufacturers can present their toys in augmented reality games. Their toys can appear as a virtual object on the smartphones of their customers and the virtual reality reacts to the toy through our smart algorithm that can detect its position. 

Customers now can play with the toys in a totally new way. Third-party game developers get the opportunity to create games for these toys and publish them on our platform. With each game created the versatility of the toy increases indefinitely. Besides being a platform for AR games for real toys, RoboGO is also a drop shipping distribution platform for the included toys. Everyone with a smartphone and an interest in playing AR games can purchase new toy models increasing the number of possible games to play.

For AR game developers:

Game companies get the chance to profit from a new market, developing new kinds of augmented reality games where they can incorporate different kinds of real toys, either as a virtual object or they include the real toy model into a virtual world that reacts to the model. RoboGO serves as a platform to host the new augmented reality games. Game developers can reach usual mobile gamers and customers from the toy market. You can expand your game content by offering in-game items or custom skins for the virtual toys as well as DLCs or premium content.

a new reality for toys

Our products extend the borders of reality for toys by using the technology of augmented reality on analog or remote-controlled toys thus creating a whole new market.

Augmented plush toy

Experience your plush toy in a virtual environment

Remote-Controlled toys in AR

RC toys enter a new reality, enhancing the experience

Toy model in augmented reality

Enjoy your toy-model as a digital character in a virtual world

game developer platform, RoboGO

create the next generation of AR games with real toys


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