Meet our new team members

Since the beginning of this year, we have a few new team members. We are very happy to introduce them and asked them some questions about their new job and environment.

Get to know Doug (Sales director), Sabtain (Machine learning) and Richard (Controlling and Operations)!

What do you think about Berlin as a startup location?

Doug: The city is a great place! It has a very dynamic startup community and ecosystem, is an inexpensive place to live, and is well connected geographically.

Sabtain: Berlin is terrific! A multicultural city surrounded by lakes filled with creative people who want to revolutionize the world with their innovative ideas.

Richard: Berlin is a great city especially for a young company, I think. I moved from Stuttgart to Berlin for my new job at AR and I really like the location where the company is situated (CHIC). I guess there are not many places where the environment for startups is that good. Another positive thing for me is that the bike lanes are really good and it is not that hilly like in Stuttgart, so I can go a lot by bike to work.

After a couple of weeks of working with Augmented Robotics, what do you like about working with the company?

Doug: I’m really liking the team, its energy, and the flexibility about getting things done.

Sabtain: I have worked with a few companies before but the culture at the Augmented Robotics is truly amazing. I really like the open approach for solving problems and encouragement to come up with innovative solutions.

Richard: I like to work with young people and I like the agility of the company. On the one hand the coworkers are really friendly and the people there have great relationships with each other. On the other hand, we have a great product at AR which fits great in our new digital world.

Which experience do you bring into the company?
Doug: I’m bringing years of entrepreneurial experience as well as financial expertise. But I’m on board mainly due to my years of experience and contacts from the toy industry and success in sales.

Sabtain: 3 years of R&D experience and a master’s degree with the focus in Machine learning and a quest to put my problem solving skills into practice for solving complex problems.

Richard: I worked before in two different companies; one was a supplier for the automotive industry and the other a publishing company. In both companies I worked in the Controlling department and in the publishing company as well in the internal audit department.

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