Augmented Robotics GmbH recently closed its first financing round, after much due diligence with a major Japanese entertainment company and several known VCs. Due to the continuing interest from individuals wanting to invest in the company, Augmented Robotics has decided to democratise its investment landscape by allowing small-scale stakeholders to become in the company through a cooperation with Fundernation.

FunderNation is a German-based investment platform specialising in future technologies, allowing individuals to invest in companies starting from 100 EUR. With 25 years of Venture Capital experience, FunderNation has helped countless companies grow through digital financing.

Top reasons for investment in Augmented Robotics:

  • We have a great team with complementary skills
  • Management expertise with track record from toy industry and venture capital
  • Technological edge and protection through know-how and patents
  • Highly beneficial for traditional toy manufacturers
  • Perfect timing for an investment: Most of the technical development is completed and already financed
  • Two first paying customers from the toy industry
  • Scalable business model (we already have a leading Japanese entertainment company and three Polish studios on board)
  • Augmented Robotics has undergone extensive due diligence by a VC and a strategic partner. This, together with BAs, has led to an initial equity financing of €670T
  • Participation of a well-known company from the entertainment industry

Vermögensanlagen-Informationsblatt (VIB) gem §§ 2a, 13 VermAnlG.