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Unity Plugins

Augmented Robotics provides game developers different Unity plugins to create advanced augmented reality games for smartphones.

Toy Detection

Let reality be part of your game. Besides the possibility of creating virtual elements in reality through the screen of a smartphone, you can include real objects in your game. With your game, you can steer remote-controlled toys of our partners via smartphone. Your game can detect these real objects through our smart object detection algorithm and thus your virtual objects can react to the position of the toy. 

3D Libary

Get access to a library full of 3D replicas of real toys including animations which can be used for your augmented reality game. Extend your customer base and fuse your market with the big toy market.

Publish your game through the robogo platform

Join our platform RoboGO with your game and enhance the augmented reality experience for your users. Our platform provides access to a new market with a whole new customer base for your products. Get access to our technology license and all the tools to create the next generation of augmented reality games. Include the big toy market with all kinds of different toys, such as remotely controlled vehicles, plush toys and more!


Commercial Projects
under 100 k revenue


500 €/Year Commercial Projects over 100 k revenue




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