PRESS RELEASE | BERLIN | 25.7.2022 | Augmented Robotics GmbH recently closed its first financing round, after much due diligence with a major Japanese entertainment company and several known VCs. Due to the continuing interest from individuals wanting to invest in the company, Augmented Robotics has decided to democratise its investment landscape by allowing small-scale stakeholders to become in the company through a cooperation with FunderNation.

FunderNation is a German-based investment platform specialising in future technologies, allowing individuals to invest in companies starting from 100 EUR. With 25 years of Venture Capital experience, FunderNation has helped countless companies grow through digital financing.

Augmented Robotics is working to become both a leading technology provider and a platform for mobile augmented reality games by eliminating the need for expensive gadgets. Augmented reality play experiences between physical toys and an endless digital world are now available on any smartphone, and the company’s RoboHeart division is revolutionising RC toys with its Hercules circuit board. The founders believe that thanks to their technology, they are able to breathe new life into toys and take children’s entertainment and education to the next level. Two patents are currently pending, both of which allow smartphones to bring real objects into virtual worlds: The ability to track fast-moving objects and the ability to control electronic toys with RoboHeart. Augmented Robotics will provide use-licenses for their technology, with adaption payments for digitisation of selected toys.

Tony Nitschke, co-founder and CEO of Augmented Robotics, explains the choice to work in the toy industry: “We decided to focus on toys and games because we get to revolutionise gameplay the way we would like it to be. It’s a brand-new way to interact with your toys, and we get to be the first to do it.”

Augmented Robotics has already entered into agreements with its first paying customers, including Carrera/Revell (international toys manufacturer for whom it is releasing an exciting new product this year), RM Resources/TTS (supplier of high quality and award-winning educational resources) and Movie Games (video game producer). Augmented Robotics is also releasing an independent smartphone app for small cars which is currently in the testing phase, as well as a RoboHeart RC game on Kickstarter (

Augmented Robotics is also a proud member of the NVIDIA Inception, a program that offers go-to-market support, expertise and technology assistance for start-ups working in cutting-edge technology, as well as the Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) Europe, which focuses on bringing select start-ups to the next level. This project is also co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Our CEO, Tony Nitschke, summarises the upward trend of Augmented Robotics: “I think that five years from now, every toy will have a digital component,” he mused. “It will be as natural as a phone having a camera or touch interface.” Join us now on our journey to become an investor with Augmented Robotics: