Push your car to victory!

1. Scan your car and play area

Point your smartphone at a flat play surface, and scan your car with the app.

2. Play your game!

Once your car is connected, your world will come to life!

Let your toy join the robogo platform

Join our platform RoboGO with your toy and enhance the experience with it. Let people experience your toy in a new reality, giving it more value. Our platform provides access to a new market with a whole new customer base for your products.

Augmented Robotics provides 3rd party game developers with the possibility and tools to create new games for your toys. With each game created, the value of your toy can increase indefinitely.

white label solution

Do you have a vision of how your customers could experience your toy in the digital world, or want a custom-made consumer experience for your toy?

Augmented Robotics can provide you a White Label solution to bring your ideas to the world of Augmented Reality.


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