2020 year in review

Happy new year!

We are very proud of what our company achieved in 2020, despite the complications of the pandemic.
For us, 2020 started off in our office at TU’s campus Ackerstraße with a team of 7 people. A big step this year was moving to our new offices in the CHIC at Bismarckstraße. Due to our growing team (by the end of 2020 16 persons), our office at Ackerstraße rapidly was too small to fit in all our new team members. We are very happy in our new offices (sorted by teams) and for our ongrowing, hard working team.
Also in January, we were ranked as one of the Top 50 Start-Ups 2019 by für-gründer.de and we attended the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

In February, our CEO Tony visited the New York Toy Fair and came home with lots of impressions and inspirations.
Since April we have a new fresh logo and our website got a nice makeover in June.
In June we also had our one year anniversary as a “UG” and meanwhile Augmented Robotics is a “GmbH”.
We are very happy to have won the Deep Tech Award as best startup in the IoT category and are happy that more people heard of us thanks to it.
It was a pleasure to meet so many people, virtually and with distance in person, to learn from them and grow as persons.

The IFA in September was a very different one than the last years, but thanks to less people being there, our leads had a higher quality because we had more time to explain and showcase our products. This also led to some tv and online clips of us. In September there was also an article about us in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and in November in the TOYS magazine which we are proud of. Also this year, we had two new company trailers which you can find on YouTube.
We are also very proud to be part of Sony’s Startup Accelleration Program Europe and are thankful for the oppotunity to learn from professionals in this business.

Thanks to everyone who we worked with and who we had the pleasure to meet. We are excited about 2021 and wish you all the best.